Top notch experience with Leandro. Superb communication skills, very good understanding of the iOS dev craft. Always asked the right questions to make sure delivery met requirements. Will definitely get in touch for future jobs, very clear and professional.

upwork client

Travel applications


Frameworks, libraries and SDKs

UIKit, MapKit, CoreLocation, WatchKit, Fabric, Crashlytics, AFNetworking, Facebook SDK, Google Sign-In SDK, Stripe, Firebase, CleverTap, MapBox, Wikitude, AWS, RESTFul APIs, Apple Sign-In.

Special features

Augmented reality, offline maps, large image management as tiles with zoom levels, custom private CocoaPod for analytics.

Other features

Online maps, user location, reverse geocoding, push notifications, in-app purchases, multiple language support.


Multiple refactors to old code, Objective-C legacy code, bugs fixing, code reviews, mentoring.

If someone is looking for an iOS Developer, Leandro is a FANTASTIC one and 100% trustworthy!!! Highly recommended!!!

Gonzalo JUAREZ, Founder and CTO AT ETips

Insurance companies applications



From scratch development based on Android applications and designs provided by client, AppStore submission.

Backend integration

SOAP and RESTful APIs integration, uploading user information from forms, images uploading, PDF downloading.


Usage of camera and image gallery, record & play user’s recording, maps with user location, map directions, in app search.

Framework, libraries and SDKs

UIKit, MapKit, CoreData, UserNotifications, AFNetworking, XLForm, SSKeychain, Firebase, MagicalRecord.

Leandro completed the task well. He communicated on time and was available any time for clarifying questions. He provided additional information going beyond the initial task that will help us in developing our project. We would hire Leandro again!

upwork client

Exhibitions applications


Media features

QR reader, images galleries, full screen images galleries in landscape mode, video playback, audio playback.


From scratch development, reusable code for different data sets, AppStore submission.

I had the pleasure of working with Leandro in many projects for some of my clients. He is very proficient in his field as an iOS developer, has great communication skills and proactive attitude and delivers things on time and with great quality. He also was a very valuable help for project estimations and leading other developers to fulfill some requirements for the projects. When I need an iOS developer or someone ask me for a referral on this skill, Leandro is the first person I think of. As a team member or a leader, Leandro earns my highest recommendation.

Ricardo pelaez, art director at mach ds

Supermarket for pets



UI/UX from Sketch implementation, custom architecture, local database, remote sync, RESTful API integration, Payment integration, AppStore submission.

Frameworks, libraries and SDKs

UIKit, CoreData, CoreText, Alamofire, AlamofireImage, Crashlytics, CryptoSwift.

Excellent knowledge of iOS and very cordial in his treatment. He did more than what was asked, totally recommended! Thank you!

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